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They're not making any more land, and therefore it is still in high demand. Hindsight has proven again that buying land as a straight investment has exceeded expectations. There is a reasonable argument that that will continue to be the case, largely because they're not making any more of it, regulations and zoning are becoming more restrictive, and there are CPF funds to purchase land until 2030. (Community Preservation Funds are a local tax to the buyers of properties out here. Over $250,000 of the purchase price it's 2% of the purchase price, which get pooled to purchase open space, wetlands, farmland, and other community needs).

There are exceptions in several neighborhoods where different dynamics play a larger role, but generally speaking, in this market buying land and building your own home does not offer the same economic advantages as it did ten years ago, or even five. That is because current prices of land, combined with the supply of resales and new homes available for sale, should make it a secondary option for families and investors.

In those special situations, we have the ability to be of great value to those that consider these options.

We are not licensed and insured contractors, nor architects, nor interior designers. However, as builders and real estate brokers, we have ways of helping you add value to your project.

We HELP you find the right parcel, or existing house to restructure.

We HELP you select appropriate design concepts for your property, and lead you into an easy selection process for the finished product concept.

We HELP you get the permits that keep your options open for accessing the trapped value now, and keep that equity open for future generations.

We HELP you find the right people that do it well.

We HELP you avoid delays, cost over-runs, drama, trauma and lawyers. While we can't guarantee anything except experienced advice, or where to get it. If we don't know, we can find out better and faster than most.

We HELP you with Property Management, (Maintenance, security, lawns, gardening, pools, additional services etc, etc...)

We HELP you with the financial strategies connected to Real Estate.
Call (631) 725-HELP for further information, or email one of our agents.
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